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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The new system will allow people to check if they’re eligible for benefits

The UK government is to publish new rules to reduce the number of people whose benefits can be withdrawn without their having to prove they are in work.

It comes after a consultation with the public on the future of working age benefits.

A government spokeswoman said the changes would be introduced “very gradually” but would involve an “acceleration period” – up to a year – for claimants to prove they are in work.

The consultation closed in July, with a decision expected by the end of the year.

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The government will also publish new statistics on how claimant numbers have changed.

The government has been under pressure to reduce the number of claimants for two years in a row for the first time in several decades.

‘New rules’

The consultation had received more than 5,800 responses and it has been extended to November.

An early version of the rules was due to be published late last year, but the government withdrew it after the Scottish government said it did not believe it was “sufficiently ambitious”.

The consultation will close on 30 October with an “early notification” date of February 2018, the spokeswoman said.

“We want to work through the full consultation and ensure that these new rules are right for the UK, the UK Government and all those in work,” she added.

“We’ll also consult on further steps to make the system better, including changes to tax relief for those who have worked.”

The government will publish the new rules before the summer – and will publish a further set of “working ages” statistics at the end of the year.

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