What finger do you strum a ukulele with? – Riptide Ukulele

A : The right

Q : I’ve got a hard time keeping a guitar chord up, then I hit a chord and I can’t keep it up for more than a minute. What is the simplest way to make chords go up fast?

A : Use more notes.

Q : What’s the most important thing a guitarist should understand?

A : That the body of an instrument is made of strings.

Q : Why does my hands tremble when I play guitar?

A : Your hands are moving the strings, which makes you feel the tremble.

Q : How do I learn to play guitar right?

A : You go to a practice room.

Q : I got into guitar learning when I was in high school. What’s my advice to other aspiring guitarists?

A : Take your time. Spend hours, maybe weeks, on your craft. Then, when you have something to show you’re good at, go and show it to a teacher or ask your parents or a band leader. Then you go back for better.

— A.C.

A/C : (The name of the current bass player in the band.) In a band, we’re all on the same page; we have our role and things we need to be good at. When we play together, each player gets the chance to develop our abilities, so that we can all come together as a unit and work as a team to achieve goals.

Q: How often do you practice?

A : At least one thing a day.

Q : Why is it important to know where you stand?

A : When we have a rehearsal, we are all on the same page.

Q : What are the most important things to play the guitar?

A : Hold it.

Q : I have played a lot of different positions in my life because I’ve played guitar, but am now trying to get a better understanding of where I stand in my guitar playing process.

A : Practice!

Q : What was your first guitar lesson and whose lesson are you most proud of?

A : The first lesson was with Gary, from Buffalo, who had been through the audition process and had passed.

Q : What’s the worst lesson you’ve ever had?

A : My first three lessons, at least two of them were bad!

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