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The guitar playing instrument. When did it dawn on me that a solid body guitar would be a better choice than the hollow body? Well, I was in a car with an electric guitar which had a good quality metal case on it, I asked the driver if it would be OK if I played it, he said yes, so I got behind the wheel, I plugged the guitar into a jack and started playing. It took 10 seconds for the sound to make it’s way in my ear, and it sounded like a piece of music.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted a ukulele. I knew I could play great, but I didn’t need to buy a lot of new stuff. That was it. In fact I played it for years in my family’s backyard, where I loved when the rain poured and thunder roared, where I could watch my kids play and not have to worry about my own playing or not feeling good about it.

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I had no doubts that that was the way to go.

You are going to go to school, but is it really what you want to do? What you really want to do is get a job, get married and have a family. If you really want to do music that’s what you do, and if you want to pursue music as a career it’ll be great if you go to music school, but I feel like music does not come easy to everybody. It’s a hard job and people have to work at it for years. At least that’s what it feels like to me.

I’m just tired of hearing music people ask for and not getting it. It’s like they see a diamond then go on eBay and look for something they can sell without a penny down, so they look for a piece of crap guitar. I feel like that’s really disrespectful to the artists.

Musical prodigy, or no?

It’s not a question that bothers me, because no one can be great without doing it, and no one can be great without listening to what they’re listening to without having that process.

What do the bands get wrong when they don’t like you? If there’s a band that would like to collaborate, how do you let them know that they’re coming?

When they’re going out I’ll tell them what I’m up to.

Why would you tell a band that you’re recording a new album that you’re working on in Chicago when other musicians were in

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