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No, but it does have a nice range, nice neck flex and it can bend. The neck bend has not been the best I have seen in a good reason, but once again it has not been the worst either. I have not had an issue with the sound of the instrument either- it sounds good and seems to be the guitar of choice for most people.

If you are looking for a good guitar to play for a little while and would give it a try… this is one. I highly recommend it.

– Mike (5′ 7″, 200 lb)

A man was shot and killed Monday night as he sat in his car in Northeast Columbus, police said.

Darrell Young, 33, was shot shortly after midnight on NE 4th Street and SE Division Street, police said. Witnesses said his car was not slowed, and he was not walking.

Young was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy Monday revealed Young died from multiple gunshot wounds. A preliminary investigation determined he was not in any way suicidal.

Officers initially found several large tire tracks under the sidewalk. Investigators said that appeared to be Young driving his vehicle in the tracks before the shooting.

“Right now, the only evidence we can give is he was driving his red car in the tracks before he was shot,” said Columbus police Officer David Nolte.

In a statement, the Young family said: “The Young family is saddened to hear about Darrell’s death. We are overwhelmed and thankful for the quick response of all law enforcement and first responders at this time.”

If you would like to talk about this, you can reach us at 330-907-0271, email us at or find us on Facebook at

AUSTIN, Texas — Former Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin’s new position as a television analyst comes with a stipulation.

ESPN will not allow Sumlin, now a broadcast analyst in college football, to appear on their college football broadcasts during the SEC Network’s debut on Nov. 14, when the network’s kickoff is set for 8 p.m. local time.

“We were not involved with ESPN’s decision,” said Sumlin’s father, John Sumlin, in an email to The Associated Press late Monday.

“Although our son is no longer an analyst for the SEC Network, the SEC Network’s broadcast schedule

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