Is ukulele harder than guitar?

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“It can never be said you have won everything.” ~President Ulysses S Grant

I’ve recently been feeling like myself again, which is good, because it means that my mind (aka the brain) is finally able to focus. However, lately I felt like I was being pulled in all directions (mostly my family) which is causing me to overthink things. My favorite hobbies (and the ones I’m the least likely to get bored with) just became too much. So, one thing you might have noticed in recent days is that I’ve been getting more and more irritable and stressed.

I would like to get to the root of this. I think my biggest problem is my emotional state. I often feel anxious, and sometimes I feel angry, but I am able to get through these. But I often feel angry after something negative which hurts me. Maybe there was something I did or said which made me angry, or maybe the person/situation which made me angry makes me angry. I’ve spent hours and hours reading everything that people have wrote on the subject which have been extremely productive. However, for the past two-three weeks I haven’t even looked at it. Maybe it’s because there isn’t much for me right now but I’m looking for some ideas on what could be making this happen?

I don’t think I am alone in my problem though; my husband has experienced this too. We’ve both gotten angry over pretty much every issue. It’s very hard to find some positive way to approach the situation, and I feel like our relationship and life are slowly becoming less enjoyable because of it. And I think this is something that can only be solved with deeper and deeper awareness into the issue. So I have started working on my anger problem.

So far, it’s been working out. I’m able to work on my anger and I’m able to stay calm enough to actually listen. My husband has noticed. He actually said to me once a few days ago, “I feel like we are both in a really bad place, because it’s very hard to talk about anything we’ve been through. It keeps us from focusing on the good things. That’s something we need to work on because we are so close, and I feel like it gets between us.” He has said this a lot and I can’t fault him on this one, we have been through a lot with each other. I think he’s right. So, in general I am trying