Which ukulele should I buy?

The original ukulele is the one that everyone starts with. It has a warm sound and a good warm tone which is what my students love. It has a lot of variety and the wood of the ukulele is pretty easy to find, which makes it an easy to pick, play and learn for beginners.

It is a little heavier than the other ukuleles mentioned above, but you can get it for under £15.

What would be the best way to look after my first guitar?

The official website for the Nisekoi television anime adaptation of Kazuhiro Homma ‘s P-Town manga announced on Thursday that the anime’s first Blu-ray Disc and DVD editions will ship on November 25. The original Blu-ray Disc and DVD will contain the anime’s first three episodes, as well as six videos.

The Blu-ray Disc will come with a one-sided poster to commemorate the occasion.

The anime will stream on Anime Strike streaming service the “first time ever” screening of the first episode on Japanese television on Saturday, October 17.

The cast, staff, and other staff for the anime include:

In addition, an official website opened for the series on Thursday to introduce the characters, staff, and more.

If you do one thing this month … learn to play the ukulele | Life ...

Yamamoto Yoshiharu is designing the series. Norimitsu Kaihō is serving as show developer. The site lists Norimitsu Kaihō as the chief director, the website says. Kazuki Nakajima is designing the visuals. Yoshiharu Kazuhiro is the chief director, and Norimitsu Kaihō is directing both scripts and the animation. Tetsu Inoue is serving as art director.

Homma ( Madoka Magica series director) is producing the P-Town series at SHAFT . Homma, who has worked on titles such as Nisekoi , is credited with the original work. Soshiro Miki is credited with the series composition and Homma has credited Tetsu Inoue for the series composition. Masaaki Ookubo is credited with the original character designs. Makoto Fujimura is serving as chief animation director.

The TV anime will air on Tokyo MX, KTBS , TBS , and BS11 . FUNimation is streaming the anime as it airs.

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