How do you strum a ukulele for beginners?

Find a book

I always use books before I start and this will only make me better for when you do decide to get a ukulele. The book you use will have a list of basic things you may need but a complete one will cover all the stuff. I have found it very useful. A quick Google check can’t hurt either.

What are the most essential things I should know to start learning to play? I think I know what they are if you ask me.

How do you get good?

Here I go…

How do you learn to play good? This is the question that I always ask. This is the question that everyone has.

I have found that it is very hard to get good as a beginner. I know if I try hard enough I’ll do it but that’s something completely different from “I am going to play guitar” in the comfort of my own home. At the end of the day it comes down to:

Do I need to learn to play? Or does playing make you a better ukulele player?

The answer will depend on what you want to achieve. This is a completely different article but it should be similar.

I would say that anyone who wants to learn guitar should start with guitar and work his way to ukulele or something of that nature.

One of the best ways I have ever had to get good at playing guitar is from the very beginning on. I have been playing since I was about eight. I played guitar with my dad when he was 16 but I was just too scared to sit down with a guitar and play a tune. I did go for lessons with his teacher but it was always my mum who taught me the basics. I was a kid and I was so into it! I think if you wanted to really be good at guitar it was just the thing to do.

I think my dad would probably agree but I never really had the confidence. I guess I would say that I have done an amazing job and got to where I am now by playing guitar with my dad. It just works.

However I can tell you that having confidence is an incredibly important aspect of learning. If you can’t be confident with things then you really can’t play guitar correctly. It’s all about confidence for you.

You are welcome

There is no way around this but you are welcome! Here are some ways I have learnt to