Does ukulele hurt your fingers?

No, no and no – they don’t. You can find a tutorial on how to play them right at home

How do i get the music to go on?

By pressing the play button. It’ll stop, but that’s ok. Just wait for the music to resume – it should come back on to play what it was doing when it went off. Just be patient and wait.

I am using the ‘right/left button’ sound control. The buttons seem to be all too far apart, but at least they are pressed down to the same point in the key.

There isn’t a single control that does not work!

You need to tweak a couple of things.

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The button on your left hand should be down and pressed with the first finger, while the button on your right is where your index finger should be. The middle button should be held down.

That’s all – all the controls that do not have a ‘stop and start’ button (which is what you are clicking on or holding down). But it’s not hard – this is what the control is going to look like if you play.

But now back to playing.. The ‘press and hold’ means the song is just going to be the same tune as when you press the play button – not the one you are playing.

And while I’m at it, while the ‘repeat’ button is supposed to ‘repeat’ the song, it’s actually only re-playing the parts you have just played – just the ones you haven’t pressed yet. It can’t move and you have to keep re-tailing to get it to ‘play’ again, that’s for sure.

What about the pause button?

There’s a way to tell where it’s going to be – but then they are both pressed at the same position – just right after being released from your finger – so you are just waiting for them to go back to the start point or end point.

Well the game doesn’t save. So you need to save your game at least once before you can come to the next level.

Do you use a controller?

Yeah, I use a d-pad with the touchpad on the side. That works really well – I can do some pretty tricky things.

I have a controller, can I just use it to control the music?

Absolutely! There is a keyboard shortcut on the desktop,