How do I buy a used ukulele?

All of the instruments listed on this page are available from a range of reputable distributors, or you can buy used instruments from various online vendors. It’s an excellent way to experience the sound of your instrument before buying it new. If you’re unsure about buying a used ukulele and are considering buying a new instrument, I would recommend getting the instrument as refurbished in this scenario is better value than purchasing a new instrument.

For ukulele instrument owners with older acoustic instruments, their older instruments may not have the same sustain or tone, and the value of those instruments is diminished. A refurbished instrument may not offer the same sound quality as newer instruments, and may require replacement if you lose the original strings. If you plan to upgrade your instrument in the near future, be sure you look for a certified instrument repairer who is certified by the Ukulele Manufacturers Association UK.

Which instruments are available pre-owned?

The instruments listed on this page are all pre-owned. You can usually get the exact instrument you want, if you buy it from any used ukulele dealer, who has been certified by the Ukulele Manufacturers Association UK and who has taken the time to make sure they have a good reputation.

Where can I buy ukulele instruments?

We are very proud to have a variety of online retailers for the ukulele in the UK. Here are links to all of the UK ukulele distributors who stock ukuleles:

Here is a list of the major overseas Ukulele Distributors who stock ukuleles:

It’s also a good idea to check with all of the local ukulele shops that you may frequent to see if there are any new products they offer you.

How much does a ukulele cost?

The general price of an acoustic ukulele is between £5 to £75.00 GBP per instrument. Please note that in the UK, the cost of a pre-owned ukulele may change, so check with each store prior to purchase.

Which instruments are good for ukulele playing?

There are a number of different instruments that are recommended for ukulele playing. The following links will explain how to choose the right ukulele for your playing style.

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