Does ukulele hurt your fingers?

i dont think anyone will need to get surgery with them!!! lol!

I have been playing music for 40 years and am getting quite good at it but my fingers, especially my hand tend to get tired. This is very annoying, so i made up this little “Knee Stitch” i thought it would be fun to make. I thought its a good idea to post it so everyone can practice at home. It only had two loops, but i think you can probably make them out of many different kinds of laces.

“The idea was to bring a lot of players into the party,” he said, “which of course, we do.”

The first of these new additions is a former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee president known in political circles as “the King of the Blue Room.”

“We’re not going to go outside the establishment playbook, we’re not going to be the kind of candidate who will say, ‘I’m going to win without big money,”‘ said James J. Viguerie, a veteran pollster who is also a member of the Republican National Committee. “We believe that big money, big money, big money was the reason for the loss.”

Mr. Viguerie is not only familiar to strategists on both sides of the aisle, he is one of their most influential and powerful allies in a battle not so different from the one that is already underway on the Republican side: persuading tea party voters to defect to the Democratic nominee.

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Republicans have had the upper hand on the ground in a way that Democrats have not. As Mr. Obama made a final plea for money to keep the campaign going on Saturday, Democrats were pouring money into their campaigns and their affiliated committees, while Mr. Romney’s top allies in Congress, like Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Representative Peter A. DeFazio of Oregon, were turning out a larger base of conservative voters.

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