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If so, how you would go about that? Can you do this without nails? Also, in my opinion, I feel so much more confident when I’m using my fingers than when I’m using a stick. -Karen”

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It has been a strange year of the year 2017. For weeks it was the most exciting time of the year for many, including you all. With the news of the impending end of summer and a new season of ‘Game of Thrones’ that has already started, the world of music in 2016 has been hit by tragedy after tragedy.

While some might find it unsurprising to find that death threats have become a part of the current musical climate with death threats, other artists have found it the perfect opportunity to make music in the wake of our worst tragedy of the year.

This past August 18th, a young student of the Chicago Public Schools fell to his death in his own school, while the world was watching. And now, after a year, there are countless stories of acts of kindness and charity being done by many in the music industry for those affected by this terrible tragedy.

As a fan of music and in an attempt to help other artists and musicians, I have compiled all the acts that have gone to the Chicago Public Schools in 2016. So far, there have been over forty acts, and a variety of genres. Here are the artists that have done good in 2016 to help the community that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, the flood in Texas, and Hurricane Matthew.

We’ve had so many artists that have made an effort to make any and all help possible and some of these acts have touched the lives of so many. It shouldn’t be surprising that some of the charities that have benefitted the music community in a big way were also instrumental in the creation of these acts of kindness. In an effort to highlight such acts as they happened, I will be listing this year’s acts and where they donated to the Chicago Public Schools. We hope that you choose to take a moment to visit the page and donate whatever is available to help the people of Harvey and Hurricane Florida.

To view all of the artists whose donation was made to the Chicago Public schools go to

You’ve heard that people make mistakes. You’ve heard that people have flaws. And you hear that their faults can be

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