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There’s one thing you probably can find to make ukulele your new favorite instrument without much training. Here are a few tips from veteran pro and ukulele master Mike McCallum:

Get a good ukulele tuner. I used to play a Yamaha DX100 tuner, but since I bought my first ukulele, I’m no longer able to. My friend David and I used to spend tons of time tuning and learning the tunes ourselves. We learned over and over using our friend’s tuner, but for some reason we always messed up. A good ukulele tuner is a must for your ukulele.

You don’t need to buy it. I remember once I was at the Ukulele Workshop in San Francisco and one of the members showed me a Yamaha DX-100 tuner that he could have easily given me, rather than having to buy it. It costs a lot less to buy one.

What keys should I use for my ukulele?
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Try to find a ukulele with a warm tone. I don’t mean the kind that has a bassline. Most ukuleles I’ve played have a mellow sound.

Try to make the sound as smooth and smooth as possible. If you know how to play it, it can sound even better! Here are few more suggestions: Play with an open and a closed tuning. The sound you get depends on the number of string positions and the overall tuning you’re playing. You can learn more in this article: How to Tune a String Instruments. Check out this article: Top 9 Secrets for Better Tuning:

Play a full scale note. You probably hear a lot of people make the mistake of strumming the top note of a scale note and the note they want to play is just below it — and all of a sudden you end up with a muddy sound. It’s true that in theory the same sounds can happen when strumming only the top note, but in practice most people make the mistake of going down the scale at the neck joint instead of going up. Make the tune as smooth as possible and then get down in the scale and do a full scale note.

Try some new chords. There are many things that make chords sound better and easier to play on a uk

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