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If it’s a dress, shouldn’t its silhouette allow for more freedom for the hips? In truth there are some girls who are more at home with the shape and curves, and they may think that there is nothing wrong with it, but there are others out there who have very defined curves and they want it restricted because it makes their hips look big on them – or maybe if you’re not into clothes with large skirts and dresses, you’re not very interested in seeing a very big body.

Fashion isn’t just about fashion; what makes a body flattering under the clothes we wear. And if you are a girl who likes to show off for the whole world in the way we dress, then maybe the definition of fashion for you should be restricted just a little bit.

What do you think? Will a restrictive dress make you feel like a freak? Are you comfortable wearing very long skirts as long as you wear strapless tops?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are moving to allow residents on vacation or paid leave to carry concealed weapons without a permit while out on the job and in school.

The bill, Assembly Bill 785, would allow people convicted of felony stalking or sexual violence, child abuse or rape or domestic violence to petition to be issued with a concealed weapon permit. The state currently licenses only people with misdemeanor crimes.

The Legislature must now accept and pass the measure before it can take effect.

In the Senate, the bill cleared its next step.

Sen. Bob Huff, D-San Diego, praised law enforcement officials who helped secure the bills passage. He called the bill an important first step toward creating a statewide permit system “that not only protects our communities, but will also save and keep this state safer.”

The measure has no co-sponsors but was approved unanimously in the Democratic-controlled Senate on a 12-6 party-line vote last week. It was passed by the Assembly earlier this month.

A Senate committee approved the measure Tuesday, and all Senate Democrats joined the majority of Republicans in support. It could take several more legislative days.

The bill comes after months of debate over whether it was time for California to enact a concealed weapons law.

The Republican-controlled Legislature earlier this year agreed to allow local governments to seek exemptions to gun-control laws in limited situations including domestic violence, stalking and juvenile alcohol violations. But those exemptions are largely symbolic.

The legislature could vote this year

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