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Flapper girl hair is one of the many ways one can style one’s hair up to look “girly.” One of the most popular ways for those with a fluttery or straight hair style to style their hair up to look more feminine is by using flamboyant colors and hair shapes to give off a more youthful vibe. These hairstyles also give the appearance of longer, thicker hair which many men find more attractive. The following are some of the most popular flapper girls hairstyles that give your entire head the look you were going for. If any of these flapper girls hair styles can work with your hair texture, just make sure to know how to do it!

1. Flocked Up Hairstyles:

This Flocked Up Hairstyle is by far one of the most popular flapper girl hairstyles to emulate due to the sheer amount of styles that are out there. This style is pretty easy to pull off as it goes on effortlessly and is fairly versatile.

There are countless ways to style your hair up to compliment your fluttery or straight hair. Flocked Up Hairstyles gives you the option to give your hair an impression of length through the use of flamboys (also known as curls). There are so many different ways that you can style up to look more masculine without having all the messy details.

If you would like to try this cool looking style on your head, choose a light or dark brown hairspray. A light hair color would make the hair shorter and fluttering would be even easier. The more of the hair the lighter the color you should choose so that the color is less intense. Light colors give the hair a more natural look to it, while darker colors give it a more elegant look. Also, keep in mind that you can add more natural details to make your fluttery curls look especially good.

How to do Flocked Up Hairstyles:

1. Choose a Color You Are Interested In Shaping the hair up for an exciting look.

2. Create a Hairline and Curl the Hairline to create volume.

3. Add a Curly Curl as a Highlight Curl (This is by far the most popular flapper girl hairstyle)

4. Add a Curly Curl as a Highlight Curl (This is by far the most popular flapper girl hairstyle)

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