Who invented flapper dress? – 1920’2 Dresses

“Lillian Waldorf is well known around the world for her work on the first British flapper dresses, which were developed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Why is the ‘flapper dress’ so popular?

Flinch dresses were popular in the early 20th century because many of them were easy to wear, cheap and easy to find when travelling. Women wearing flapper dresses to work and on social occasions looked stylish and fashionable.

In fact the first flapper dresses were originally designed for working women in the 19th century. The fashion began in the UK in the early 1900s as more and more working women began wearing them to work because it was cheaper and easier to travel with.

The popularity of the flapper dress was such that they were a real “time-killer”, as one magazine said in 1924: “One flapper dress lasts a woman for a few hours, and only then do we notice that we no longer have a dress.”

Why do people love the flapper dress?

It was so popular for so long that by the 1970s many were turning to other styles, but still the flapper dress remained popular, so it always had a following.

The classic style of the flapper dress

Flapper dresses had an alluring appeal that attracted people from all walks of life. They were made from silk, and were usually embellished with lace and embellished buttons. They could be worn with a shirt or skirt under a button-down dress.

As a casual style Flapper dresses were always more fitted than more formal dresses such as a long-sleeved frock with long sleeves, but they could also be worn with a skirt, skirt and dress. Sometimes they were worn with an undershirt so flapper dresses could be worn over a top with trousers for an evening dress.

There was something about the flapper dress that attracted a lot of attention from friends and people you never expected to meet. It was an unexpected fashion sensation. In the 1940s, flapper dresses appeared to be universally popular, a sign of the times.

As the 1950s became the 60s and 60s the flapper dress made a dramatic comeback. The popularity of the flapper dresses were such that people began wearing them more and more.

The flapper dress: Who wore it and why?

The name ‘flapper’ comes from the style: flapper dress, flapper dress,

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