What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Flapper Dress Elegant

What did the men wear?

Colors from that era, with their strong colors, were: Black & White, Indigo, Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Silver, Silver or Gold, Green, Blue, Violet, Dark Green, Brown, Orange, Dark Orange, Purple, Pink, Pink, Turquoise, and many more.

The last men’s clothing items to be produced by T. & A. B. were in 1929. The rest of the items produced for a brief time included shirts, aprons, belts, shoes, jewelry and even pants for girls (and men). After production of these items, all items were used for storage and/or trade with the government (T & A. B. did not export much).

What made a garment unique?

There are many different clothing styles in our museum.

Here are just a few examples:

• Men had large chests. In the 1920’s the average man was in the mid 50’s.

• Women had large busts. One of the most interesting pieces in our collection are women’s bust sleeves and t-shirts with floral patterns!

• Men had cuffs on their gloves, and cufflinks, and sometimes even on the inside of the left hand hand side of the shirt.

• Women had buttons on the outside of the right hand side of the shirt, and sometimes on the inside of the left hand side of the shirt.

• Men had belts, lapel buttons on the left hand side of the collar and some men liked to wear rings on their left hand.

Here is another example of something very different in our museum:

• In the 1920’s, T & A. B. offered women a button-down collar. A modern man would have worn a t-shirt with a cuff.

• Many women wore a little bow at the bottom of the collar.

• Some women wore a flower or other object on the collar; women especially liked to wear it on the left hand side of the shirt.

• A women had her hands up above her head and some wore hair pins up there.

• Some women had a little ribbon on her chest.

• Women wore a long, thin, brown or black dress that was buttoned to the waist.
Ladies 20s 1920s Black Flapper Gangster Gatsby Fancy Dress ...

• Women wore a long, straight skirt that was worn in a figure-eight pattern.

Men also had a different style of clothing.

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