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Amber Rose in the Broadway musical “Wuthering Heights.” (Lionel Richie/BBC America)

The flapper dress is a style of dress that has grown in popularity over the past few years, but it was not in use in Washington until the 1960s. The fashions favored there in the 1800s were plain white or pale pink and varied in style.

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How did the Declaration of Independence become “the oldest document in the world”?

I don’t know, I am just saying, and my sources haven’t revealed this, but it’s likely that the first draft of the Declaration — which is what the Declaration in the U.S. Senate now says — was written in England during the War of Independence of 1776.

The Declaration of Independence is perhaps the oldest document in existence. At least that was the assumption of Thomas Jefferson. It was not until 1788, a decade after it was written, that the British Parliament finally agreed to have the document sent to them, although some members of Parliament argued that they should have written it first.

The Declaration of Independence began as a series of private notes written by Thomas Jefferson and other friends during the winter of 1776-1777. These were not published until the following year in a “Report on American Affairs,” a document Jefferson gave to the Continental Congress and published in pamphlet form.

But that pamphlet had a long tail, as far as public knowledge was concerned. Jefferson wrote later that it was “in print to several millions,” and that his friends thought it must have been “a great work”; that it had been “the most celebrated and probably the most published pamphlet in the world”; and that “the only persons who know of its existence have been its authors.” He also claimed to be “the only person that ever saw the pamphlet, and is possessed of its papers.” There were even rumors of a reprint, which Jefferson vehemently denied.

Why would Jefferson have written the Declaration? He was more enthusiastic about independence than others.

What he was more excited about was the “new idea of property.” To preserve the American experiment in independence, Jefferson believed that the colonies should retain their own currency, keep all of their own government officials, their own military, and retain control over virtually

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