How were flappers different from previous generations? – White Flapper Dress

I’m told the flappers didn’t want “anything to do with a party,” according to the New York Times. The “bump-back-the-charts” trend in the 1940’s meant “to take a walk outside and be yourself.” In the 1950’s and 1960’s the “walk-out” phenomenon resulted in more flappers taking “hobbies” and finding ways to get in touch with the world around them. At the time, it was mostly women who did this. But in the last decade, this has changed. The internet, social media, blogs and websites like Facebook and Twitter have made flappers more visible and more accessible for many people who never thought they would be part of New York’s nightlife scene.

But now flappers are starting to worry. I met with flapper-loving friend Lisa at a restaurant in Tribeca to talk about their views on the industry and their views and futures in it now that it is “over.” I asked her to explain what I meant by “flappers,” as flappers are still referred to. Here are some of her insights.

On her relationship with the flappers: “I was a dancer until I ran into them at the Plaza. Everyone in there has their version of how they found the flapper scene. It was a pretty interesting time. Back then it was a lot less about how to fit in to the big boys club and more about how to stand out. Back then it was about how to show who you are and then how far we can take that.”

On the lack of diversity among flappers, or lack of representation overall: “It’s true that there are more than just two groups of women. You look all around the world and you don’t see women in the fashion scene of New York. But what you see is so much diversity. And I believe that a lot of people who do run into the industry have been to other cities or other industries in order to be exposed to people like themselves. The way you can do that is if you are really open to people who look just like you. A lot of people find that really refreshing. People who are looking for something different are going to be interested in that. That’s what I’m most appreciative to see as far as a community building like that. Not just about getting people into different industries but, because New York is the only city that has that, people are going to have to get used to these kinds of things that other cities aren

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