How do you do finger waves in short hair? – 1920S Flapper Dress Plus Size

First, create a pattern and layer. Second, let the hair stay down so it’s easy to grab. Third, create an upstroke in the same color and hold it in place until you are ready to lift or brush out the rest of the length.

Pairing the same color makes the hair grow thicker at the top and softer at the roots — you’ll see!

Do you love this hairstyle because it’s easy?

Does this look right to you?

Do you like the way this hairstyle stretches when you get it cut? Or should I try something different to get it right?

Leave me a comment below and let me know how this was!


When we think of the term “the digital economy”, one of the first things that comes to mind is the world of ecommerce. As we’ve seen in many other industries, ecommerce, to some extent, will continue to dominate. But digital transformation is often more complicated. And in some areas, the digital economy is becoming a bigger part of the economy. This means that there are even better ways to think about this new economy than in the realm of ecommerce. For example, if you want to think about a digital marketing strategy, you could think of it as a digital innovation. You could also think of digital innovation as a product, and not just a collection of technologies.

Here are five ways digital innovation has become a bigger part of the economic future:

1. Digital marketing is as much of a part of innovation, innovation in products, and innovation in services as it is in ecommerce.

While marketing and ecommerce companies may appear similar on the surface (they just have different types of products or services), they’re actually very different industries. Many people think of marketing as the traditional marketing channels of TV, print, billboards, etc. These traditional forms of marketing are still important for companies. However, marketing has a new look, a bigger role, and a much bigger impact on the economy. For digital, it has two dimensions:

the content

the tools

In the past, companies may have a digital strategy, a strategy that involved a lot of traditional marketing channels. Those traditional marketing channels need to be refreshed every few years in order for marketing to have staying power. It’s much easier and more flexible to look at the whole picture; you can have a strategy for a single service, a single product, or even for a single group of products

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