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The first treatment is to remove the flapper from the nose and then place it on the patient. It can take a day or two for the flapper to come off completely so patients are given another treatment that involves taking out the flapper. They should then be allowed to rest for two hours.

The second treatment is to give the patient a local anaesthetic and drain the fluid from the inside of the nose. This treatment takes a longer period and patients should be allowed to rest for 24 to 72 hours.

The third treatment is to place a saline solution of 20% sodium chloride into the nostril to flush out the fluid. This can last for up to two days.

Other treatments:

If there is no other treatment available, patients will usually have an airway cleared. The airway is normally blocked by the tissue of the nose and the eye.

There is a number of factors which influence which treatment is appropriate or whether there will be any improvement or improvement. These include:

how the area around the flapper is in a state of distress

the extent of the airway obstruction

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treatment needed to clear the airway

a history of previous airway obstruction

a history of any other problems

how quickly the flapper was removed from the nose in the same spot

the extent of scarring around the nose

The flapper surgery takes up to an hour to complete. It must be completed in one sitting because it requires a constant air supply.

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