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A woman who was allegedly raped by her ex-boyfriend on Tuesday will reportedly not be charged with any crime as her testimony in court is “a lie”, the Delhi High Court has heard.

The woman, now 28, is said to be “very upset” at being accused of a crime that she is willing to die for.

She had given a statement to the police that her ex-boyfriend raped her for over two hours before she was able to escape to a nearby house before she was overpowered by him, it is learnt.

The court also ruled on Monday that the complainant cannot be called as a witness in the case, and that the investigation into the crime against the 27-year-old woman – who works in public relations for a private firm – should be undertaken only by Delhi Police.

The woman had alleged that she was raped and brutally assaulted in her own home by her then-boyfriend on Tuesday, when she was just 21 years of age. The woman, who is pregnant, has given an affidavit in this regard to the Haryana High Court.

“You are aware I cannot be called a witness,” she allegedly said in the affidavit, which was read in the courtroom, according to Hindustan Times.

The court, however, has refused to grant her bail and asked her to return to the Delhi Police to submit additional evidence in the case.

As per the FIR registered by Delhi Police, the victim was taken to a nearby railway station, where the accused waited for her. After she left the station, the accused allegedly raped her on the spot before fleeing.

The police filed the FIR following the victim’s statement, which said: “I was raped by one Ravi at my residence in Delhi on Tuesday night at around 11pm. I fell down during torture, and his friends helped me to hide at the local railway station.”

While the court noted that “the statement made by the victim is a lie and a mere fabrication”, it rejected the plea of the woman in the court to amend the FIR, saying, “She cannot be called for the purpose of evidence in the case.”

She is set to be deported back to Uttar Pradesh, the Express Tribune reports.

The case relates to rape, a crime where the victim is unwilling to disclose the assault. The rape is deemed as a lesser offence within the crime of kidnapping.

The woman told the court of her fears after the incident, saying it was

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