What do I need to build furniture?

Wood – The most basic thing to build the furniture is wood, since it is light, strong, and can be easily found. A simple set of 4 or 1×4 will work just fine and will last you awhile.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass is stronger than wood, it is very tough and the paint is very forgiving. It makes a very strong wall and will go up with some elbow grease. You would find it more durable, however, it is not as strong as wood. There’s much a difference of how strong it will actually withstand pressure, and for the price, you’re better off getting the wood for furniture. You can use plywood or 1×4.

Concrete – The most simple material. Add a little bit more to each section and you have a wall that will last many months. The hardest material to put down and it also gets moldy with age.

Plastic – This will hold you in when you’re not using it, but at the end of the day, it’s a great wall for storage. It is also very versatile, and will hold things in a variety of ways. You could put a wall in front of the door, put it on the wall itself, or the inside of the window.

How much does the wall need to be built?

An estimated 14,000 people turned out during the rally held outside the U.S. embassy in Jakarta by several groups on July 2 as pressure grows for the United States to release Australian intelligence worker Edward Snowden.

The event, coordinated by the Justice Party and other groupings, was the second gathering of so-called “Snowden watchers” outside the embassy since Snowden revealed the existence of secret surveillance programs last month.

Among the supporters were several families and friends of Snowden’s family from Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands that had been planning to speak at the rally, according to a report by CNN affiliate TV5.

Those that held out were angry about news reports questioning their decision to rally on the eve of a summer holiday weekend. The Australian government has expressed concern that protesters, who are against the government of Jakarta, will use the events to raise money for the fugitive.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo and President Barack Obama are not expected to meet until next month when Obama is due to become the first sitting U.S. president to visit Indonesia since 2006, and Widodo will have to give a speech during the visit.