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I really don’t know.

Here are some of the things people are saying about my pregnancy, with the hope of shedding some light on how many times my body was told to give up on all hope, and give birth to this little guy.

“He’s a boy”

“He is a boy”

“He’s not your baby!”

And all of the above. I will not be making these same “he must be a boy” and “he can’t be a boy” statements with this little guy. But he absolutely is a boy. I have no doubt about that.

“He is so ugly!”

Not really, just in a pretty ugly way I guess. I love him so much, and even the thought of losing him has gotten me to make a new set of scarves with his name on some of them. (You know, so that anyone can know which one is his)

These are all the other things people are saying about my pregnancy, and I’m so not going to repeat them here. I will just say that I haven’t decided yet, because I still haven’t really gotten to know these little guys.

Do you think they’ll be just like all the other human babies you have had? Let me know in comments.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

A Canadian man who lost his son to suicide has launched an online petition requesting that a memorial monument be built for him and the other family members who died in a suicide bombing.

Chris Waring, of Edmonton, said he got an email from the mayor of Vancouver about the petition on Wednesday. He is a close friend of Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson, the city’s former chief of staff, who also lost his father to suicide.

Waring’s son, Matthew, was 24 when he committed suicide with a shotgun, in the living room of the couple’s home on Dec. 4, 2009. Waring has said that Matthew Waring had been depressed and was taking psychiatric medications.

Waring said that Matthew’s family has asked the City of Vancouver not to fund his monument. The mayor said he would meet with Matthew’s parents in person in order to discuss options.

He said he hopes that people will sign a public “Thank You!” if the city decides to place a marker in the park and allow an outside ceremony to be held or other memorial events. He said he does not know of any other way he can reach

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