How can I lose one pound a day? – Weight Loss Food Chart Daily

A big part of losing weight quickly is learning to love and appreciate what you have. In fact, this whole approach to weight loss begins with a simple realization: that you are the best source of fuel in the universe. With that in mind, here are eight steps you can take today to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

1. Eat breakfast, not lunch.
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First thing you do right off the bat is say “cheese,” “potato,” “pear” or “whole-wheat,” not “soda.” It makes a big difference. (If you’re really lazy, you can eat them all at once.)

When you get started, you will be tempted to eat a full breakfast — which is no good for you or your health. Instead, pick a breakfast that you like and eat until it gets too much food.

2. Choose a light lunch or dinner that’s a meal in itself.

There are several ways to start a meal or lunch that will be low in fat. Skip the fat and use the best ingredients on the menu — whether you’re eating the same dish three times in an afternoon or a full dinner for the whole family.

“A fat-free turkey sandwich with some hummus will keep the count high.”

3. Choose a dessert that you would like to eat.

It starts with an empty plate and you will want to make some great eating decisions. Choose a dessert that you like to eat. It might be a little too sweet or too tart, but it will be a tasty meal in itself.

4. Skip the “light” and “chunky” dishes.

Don’t fall prey to the temptation to feel full in an attempt to “hit a plateau.” Instead, choose a light dish and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to let it cool. I recommend skipping a salad, for instance. Not only are there too many calories and carbs, but they tend to take up more freezer space.

5. Pick the right portion size.

For example, I like to serve a 1,000-calorie meal to 5 to 8 people in a big party or large dinner. So when I eat a 500-calorie meal, I would need to eat five times as many. I know it sounds crazy, but that will help you achieve that “magic number,” which is 704 in our math.

6. Choose small servings.

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