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When we say that we keep a ‘good’ weight to lose weight, this means that we eat and drink a certain amount of food so we can lose weight. This will increase the calories in and calories out by a certain amount (the calories in are called ‘calories’) and can lead to weight gain.

Most of us can lose weight on an ‘avowed exercise regime’ but this doesn’t happen if the ‘good’ weight we were aiming for was lost or if we over exercise, for example by exercising to the point of exhaustion from exercise.

A team of scientists has discovered a new sub-group within the Taungulatae that doesn’t live in forests but instead lives in grasslands.

Taungulatae, a group of about 20 species in North America with their distinctive long, slender, and furry feet, are found throughout most of the North American tropics, the researchers said, and in Brazil as well. (Read also: “Aerial Survey Reveals More New Species than Previously Known.”)

These are a very small sub-group of the Taungulatae genus, but their range also spans Europe, the eastern United States, China, Singapore and even India.

Scientists originally classified the genus Taungulatae as “smaller than the C. albicollis, the largest species of Taungulatae.” However, the discovery of this new subgroup, called Taungulatae gingkolii, suggests that the species found within this genus are actually at least as large as the C. albicollis.

The new species, which was identified by DNA analysis from tissue collected from one of these new individuals, was originally called Murchison, but that name was changed when the scientific publication was published in 2009, said Dr. William McHenry, a zoologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and co-author of the study.

“I’m actually kind of surprised at how big this is; I never would’ve expected this species to be so big,” McHenry told LiveScience. “It was quite surprising.”

Scientists have known about Taungulatae gingkolii and about a dozen other, smaller Taungulatae species for several years, but McHenry and his colleagues discovered the new species using DNA analysis from tissue samples from the new individual, which was collected in 2010.


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