How can I drop 20 pounds fast? – Mental Motivation For Weight Loss

“Just get your food and go out and get some exercise. And make sure you eat well. Eat at least a pound of protein a day. Keep exercising and you’ll lose a ton of weight.”

-Dr. Paul Brody, author of “Carnivore’s Diet.”

“My weight loss isn’t all due to exercise. Many people have high blood pressure and are diabetic, so they don’t eat right and get in the habit of exercising. But they don’t go to the gym for their health. I’m a gym rat, and I’ve found that a workout gives me the energy that I need and saves me some money. As for the calories, I try to eat at least 100 a day—not counting calories in my smoothies. I also add some vegetables to the smoothie as well, a few tomatoes. I don’t like to eat anything from other countries unless I have to, and if I do, I ask for the meat. If I have to, I won’t eat the meat, even if I am vegetarian, for safety,” Brody says.

Brody was a big fan of the “Carnivore Diet,” originally published as a book in 2008. A lot of people wanted to know if he ate vegetarian. He was reluctant. He decided to make a couple changes, and he has been on the diet ever since.
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“I don’t eat any meats anymore. I’ve had steak once or twice, but I don’t go back to that. I like the taste, but it’s not something I want to eat.”

He eats three meals—two big meals before going to the gym and one before he gets to work—and then he eats two smaller meals—one before he goes out to eat and one before he goes back to his apartment where the smoothies are made. This way, he stays in the program. He doesn’t have any meat again when he’s at home.

“I like the idea of a balanced diet, but for people that don’t have that kind of drive, they might not want to put in the extra energy it takes to be that type of person. We get there to a point, though, where we have to put a lot of effort in order to be good health. Some people don’t want to put that much energy into their health and fitness. There are some people for whom having a balanced diet is totally out of the question,” Brody says. “My

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