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Can you remember anything that happened in your social dance class, or in your last one?

Luna: Sometimes we talk about social dance in the classroom or in the lab. Sometimes we sing in our dance classes. Sometimes we dance in our social dance groups. I think what is important is that when we dance, we learn to make our way through the space as one; as a couple, even though we might only be there for an hour or two. We are also doing something together, whether we notice or not, which makes the class, and the whole year, just a lot more fun for us.

What were your teachers like?

Luna: My first social dance teacher at the school was really nice. We had a nice conversation about dance and how to practice. Then there was a second teacher. Her name was Yvonne. She was really good, but she just didn’t know what to do with us. She didn’t let us get too creative or show off our dance movements.

Luna and Ritchie with the Kajou Festival dancers.

In high school, what kind of dances did you dance?

Luna: I can’t do the most complicated movements, but I like all kinds of dancing. I danced in a very “urban” dance called “Jazz.” It was a more abstract dance that was a little more for dancing on the street.

What inspired you to learn about dance?

Luna: I started off doing circus and circus dances, and then the idea of dance was given to me by the ballet teacher at my middle school. I wanted to be a dancer. That was how I developed: learning the dance. I got into social dance and ballet by chance.

What is the reason you want to be a choreographer?

Luna: I want to be able to do a lot more than just dance. It’s really all I want to do. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to open my own dance school. I could make a career as a dancer, or a choreographer. I’m not trying to create “something new, something different” from what people are doing. I just want to learn all the things that I do not really know anything about.

How do you make your costumes fit?

Luna: My dance teacher gave me her bra and panties from her school. And I just did with a bit of improv. I made something that could be taken

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