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Social dance Examples is a collaborative project. We welcome you to contribute by creating a dance video about social dance at This could be a short short film or documentary, a podcast, a blog post, an article, a magazine article, an article with pictures to a live studio audience, a photo gallery. The goal is to highlight the many types of social dance in the 21st century that have taken hold, but many of these are not well known by the general public. We also aim to show the diversity and uniqueness of these activities and we will add more as time permits.

We have a great deal of work to do in this area of dance. Please visit our social dance list to see what we have planned.

How do I post my dance video?

Please see our general Guidelines. Then follow the submission guidelines below.

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Upload your video, or edit and submit it on social dance here. Please leave at least a 10 second video of the activity that you would like added to our list. We will try to post as much as we can of these social dances that you help create.

Submission process:


Note: This email is your personal identification. Do not give your real name or email address to anyone if you don’t want to be identified. The purpose of this email is to ensure privacy and anonymity. The first part of your submission should include the following information:

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Once submitted please email us your contact information for the video editors at We will then email you with a confirmation and list of other participants. Please note that the video editor is only able to see what is shown in your video.

Please note the following:

Your video will be reviewed by social dance members, as well as members of Danceland Magazine.

This list does not indicate a “win” for us

We accept any type of dance

Social dance, in any form, can and often does attract people from across the

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