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Social dance (or social dance practice) is a form of social dance performed by students in classes. Social dancers can be women, men, adults, youth, or children. Classes in social dance will be facilitated by an instructor who will coordinate social dance, and will teach participants a variety of techniques used in social dance. Social dance should be accessible to anyone who wants to participate and to enhance a dynamic social environment.

What can I expect in a social dance class?

An overview of some of the core elements in a social dance class will be given; the basics of dance steps should be covered as well, but some of the more advanced dance styles have more in terms of movements and techniques than the average person may be familiar with. In addition to learning a variety of moves, social dance students will also learn and apply social practices, such as how to introduce a dance partner at a social dance demonstration, how to maintain physical and mental balance while performing, and how to make a dance “pop” at an early stage during the dance practice.

Can I do a social dance class with my school?

Social dance class is designed for adults who have some experience in dancing, but who will need help from a dance instructor to learn social dance. Some of the skills taught at social dance classes are not common or accessible to all adults. Most of the social dance classes that we offer are taught by experienced dance instructors who have performed a variety of social dance classes at other dance schools, including those in our Dance Centers. (If you’re looking for more information about a particular class that is taught in our Dance Centers, please feel free to contact us at

If I want to go to a social dance class, is learning to dance for myself good enough?

In general, it is a good idea, and even vital, for women to learn traditional dances (such as ballet, flamenco, and jazz) before pursuing social dance. Social dancers interested in learning advanced dances need to learn these dance styles as part of a multi-day dance course.

Is it possible to get into a dance program at both the local district (NJD) and the state and have the freedom to choose courses in different schools?

Absolutely. Students and teachers can apply to go to classes in multiple school districts during the same semester.

Can I take a class at the local district but not at the state?

It is not possible.

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