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The early days of technology were defined as a period of cultural expansion. The growth of the British Empire was closely linked with the expansion of the technology of the cotton mill in India. In China, the introduction of a new form of machinery was followed by a new kind of man. In Australia, new methods were used to harness the energy of the earth, creating new forms of civilisation. In each case, the technology changed and expanded the way the world worked.

The modern age (1600 to 1860) followed the development of industrial technology. Technology gave rise to the development of new patterns of music from early music instruments in India to the first symphonic songs, such as ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ by Mozart. This period is also known as the ‘Golden Age of Music’. There was also a major change in the development of clothing. For the first time, silk was seen as an important medium of expression in Europe and it helped the development of the first successful sewing machines.

Music had always been an important form of expression. But during this period, new forms of music were introduced especially from India – the form of Maha, which was later to become known as the Indian ragas. These forms of music developed much quicker than the previous forms of music. Music soon developed into what we know today as modern dance. In this century, with the development of printing, people started to find new ways to compose and make music for music. The idea for the first electronic instruments was born. New forms of music and dances were created in the same sense as in the past.

Modern dance is sometimes called ‘modern’. This term describes not just a change in the shape of music but the type of expression represented – dance is a form of communication between people. For instance, in a dance movement, it might be accompanied by music. The style of dance is also influenced by the mood of the time and the culture.

There is a debate as to which dances are most well known, particularly in the world of dance. Some dances have a long history, such as the West Indian Dance, where an early influence from India goes back thousands of years. Others have no well established history. For example dance in Japanese culture has a long history and has been influenced by cultures all over the world. For example, many students are interested in learning Japanese dance for a number of cultural reasons. For a long period, the Japanese dances were based mainly

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