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Yes, for example, Kacey Musgraves’ “Say Hello,” which was released alongside “Black Widow.”

A couple others include “I Gave You All (But I Won’t Give You Up)” by Gwen Stefani, in which she has a short sequence of lyrics that are the most dance-oriented of the songs. “I Gave You All” also features a dance step, or what you might call a spin.

In “I Want You,” BeyoncĂ© is the main guest.

A few others: “The Hills,” by The Roots, is a dance-oriented song, also featuring a dance step that goes “down, back, down to my head.” “The Fade Away,” by The Police, is a dance-oriented song that features lyrics that are more playful than the others, including, “I do a dance to get closer to you.”

In “Can’t Hold Us,” Drake has his own lyrics: “(Whip), can’t hold me/ You won’t like any of these feelings we shared.”

And in “Hands to Myself,” he has “Don’t like me, and I’ll never love you,” for all of the other female fans to hear.

“It’s an exciting time at No. 1,” the label-approved label boss, Jimmy Iovine said, adding with a smile that this was the second week of a new album. “We’re always proud of the music that our artists create, and this week [we] have an artist from our label that does so many different types of style. It’s a great celebration for our label and the fans.”

“This week,” Iovine said, “is going to be about an artist from our band who was just nominated for an Emmy and a Grammy [in pop song categories] for her music, and a female rapper from the hood with a cool name that could be the next Snoop Dogg but who doesn’t really know how to rap.” (A recent survey of fans showed fans preferred a female rapper to a male rapper.)

After the awards, Iovine showed some emotion.

“It’s a great group of artists,” Iovine said to no one in particular, “so let’s be careful what we wish for, but today the music is so exciting, it’s kind of hard to choose one genre.”

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