What dance means to me?

It means to me a lot of things. A lot of people have written letters or letters to me. The song’s about trying to find a path, finding an identity, finding a way to connect to who you are. A lot of what I try to do is to keep that in mind, keep those fears behind you, and then go out there in the song. I go after it. When people think about dancing that’s what they think about.

I think in dance music, the message comes down through the melody of the music. You feel it in the music. If you want me to be a little more humble, then I’m going to say that it’s not a metaphor. It’s actually a message. I didn’t come up with the lyrics. The singer came up with the lyrics, and he’s my friend. I just took the melody and put a little songwriting in there.

When I first heard the song, there was a song called “My Friends” that was kind of about that.

I was at a friend’s house while she was working on my album, and she heard it. That’s when I got really into the beat. It’s like an uplifting song. The beat’s beautiful. It has that little hook going around it, like something out of Aaliyah or whatever.

It just struck a chord and then everyone was like, “Well, what about “I”?”

When I was a kid, my grandma passed away and I grew up without her. I never really had a mom, and this is when I finally met her. I had gone to this really, really small church, and they had this piano. They had a really great version that I heard in church. It was a beautiful, beautiful beat, and everybody would go, “Oh, that’s ‘I,’ ” and then everybody would go, “Oh, I, I.” It’s the most beautiful thing ever and it’s so real.

That song’s like a song about not having a family.

Possible new world record for the largest fish – a bluefin tuna weighing more than 4,000 pounds – was caught at a deep-sea fishing port in the Philippines earlier this month.

Scientists say the bluefin weighed over 692 pounds and was caught with a fishing net after fishing at a depth of 575 feet – the highest depth ever caught by humans.

At the same time, another bluefin was discovered