Is Waltz a social dance?

I don’t know – I don’t know if I believe in social dancing. I don’t know if I care, I guess. I never thought of it as a kind of music. I never thought of it as a type of music. If it was about dancing, then it would be a type of dance. Even so, like anything else, the thing is, it’s very specific. And my feeling is that people will dance around music that they like in their own way, and that’s fine. It’s not like when you listen to the radio, there are songs that sound good for an hour, and then you get bored. There are songs that stick with you for a long time. That stuff takes a while to sink in. So I have no objection to people doing it in a traditional way. I’m always interested in old-fashioned dance music, and I love old-fashioned music. We’ve had a few people on the label come in before, and we’ve always given them a chance to work with us, because we don’t have a lot of musicians. We have a lot of people on a lot of labels, but it would probably have taken a lot longer than it did to get an original single from any one of those people. So we’ve always said, “Let’s have at it,” and we’ll keep giving it a chance. Some of those guys haven’t done anything yet, which is very admirable. This will be their first, and hopefully it will be a good one.

Do you think you have a unique approach to your lyrics? Is this an album about your work?

No, it really is about the people and what they’re going through, and the people I grew up around. I don’t make albums about what they think of me. There’s something about it that’s pretty much universal, but it’s also very specific, because what people are going through is a very specific thing. I think people have different styles, there’s different feelings. It’s like, “I’m going to write about this thing. I don’t know where I’m going with it, I just want to write.” And then I have to write about my emotions as well. That’s why there are lyrics all over the place. There are many words, many feelings. So some of it will be about me, some of it will be about what I’m gonna do with a song.

I always get an overwhelming feeling when I hear music that’s different