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The classification of social dance is more complicated than that of most musicology. The classification of “music-like music” is based on the criteria suggested by the term “music”. Music includes both dance and non-dance genres. Dance includes a subset of genres such as “mixed, rhythmic, and rhythmical”, “loud singing”, and “dance music”. Also, non-dance genres include those which appear in a music recording; these include many types of music.

Most music-like music is non-dance and, therefore, is not a category to which dancing is subject and which should be investigated. Social dance is dance which includes dancing and is used in the context of social interaction. Examples of this category are: “social dances”, “mixed social dancing”, “loud dance”, and “dance music”. However, dancing is also included in some dance genres, for example, “mixed social dancing” and “mixed dancing”. This classification should differ from the categorization of music (see above) as it is less important to study it as a separate genre but more important to study music.

If we examine the relationship between social dance and various types of cultural activities, we find that:

1. Social dancing is often in the context of social interactions;

2. The relationship between social dance and different types of cultural activities is complex;

3. Social dance is sometimes in the context of cultural activities which make use of the social environment;

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4. Social dancing is frequently associated with cultural activities which encourage participation from the listener, i.e. other dancers and/or non-dancers who enjoy listening to the dancers;

5. Social dance can be used to provide an alternative to the performance of musical art such as music (dance dance) as it can complement, rather than replace, music;

6. The relationship between social dance and cultural activities is often non-linear. For instance, it is common for dance music to complement non-dance genres in the music, such as dance, jazz and rock. In the case of dance music, it is the combination of dance and music which is common, whereas the mixing of dance and other genres frequently results in different results.

7. Social dance can be used, sometimes and frequently, to create a variety of forms of cultural events; the types of events which can be created by social dance are discussed below;

8. Different

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