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The photo retoucher simply makes changes to an image, removing or adding any artifacts that might have interfered with a user’s focus. If the user looks at the image, any change to the image’s foreground or background will not change the subject, and may even interfere with seeing the subject in the original image as much as the user wants to. The photo retoucher is a key part of video post-production and will often be seen in post-production of motion pictures, television shows, commercials, and on screen visual effects. A photo retoucher can also be used to create a series of still images that a camera can then use to enhance their picture by adding additional information, a ‘look’ or ‘look’ (which the retoucher will call a filter). An effect called ‘stitching’ is the most popular way to add information to the image. The photo retoucher can even do some kind of digital processing, called an image editing program like Photoshop or Lightroom. In addition, retouchers do a lot of the work behind the scenes, and provide the image-processing and composition tools for the editors. In the end, post-production is always about adding more information to the image, or improving the image’s overall quality, but only if the information is necessary. Even with a lot of information, a camera can still make a good picture, unless there is something terribly wrong in what the user is trying to achieve to get it.

You can use a photo retoucher to enhance the image of an automobile for example. Instead of just tweaking the light and darkness areas in the image, you can then also change the colour and/or exposure of the background. In the end, adding information is the most important part of photo retouching.
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If you are not familiar with photo retouching, check out our article How to Retouch Photos.

2. Color corrections and colour grading

Many photographers find that the best way to improve their photography is in adding a good dose of color correction and/or colour grading to the images. This is especially true when retouching photos from different angles. You may see a lot of photographers use a combination of ‘light room’ techniques and ‘linear light’ to fix the lighting in shots, which is great for photos with high contrast, but less effective in scenes like street scenes, especially with bright or bright scenes. A lot of photographers also use a light room technique to add fine detail to their photos, but this

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