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How do I sell to my favorite stock broker? I’ve heard you can only sell to one stock! What’s that mean? I’ve heard this will take several weeks and that’s only if that stock isn’t one of the top 5 most traded, so I should focus on that first and make sure it’s still in demand! If you need to make sure you can sell to Adobe Stock, check out our complete guide to this process.

If you’re working on a project that won’t make it into Adobe Stock, there are several ways you can sell your art assets. If you’re ready to sell your assets to an artist for cash, check out the sales section below.

Selling Assets to Adobe Stock – How to Do It

Adobe Stock can be purchased from the Adobe Stock Marketplace, where you can bid on artwork, and sell your art assets on their own website. You must have a credit or debit card to use this service.

Click to download the PDF Instructions PDF – Adobe Stock Marketplace Terms and Conditions [PDF – 6.7 MB]

You can choose from a variety of assets on the marketplace by selecting a category, and the market will help advise you in selecting a fair price. The assets purchased with your credit/debit card are displayed as high-res image files on the Adobe Stock Marketplace page.

You’ll need to set up your payment method before you can purchase any Adobe Stock assets, and once set then your account will not be charged if you don’t take any payment within the initial 60 days.

Adobe Stock Marketplace Terms and Conditions – Payment & Security Details:

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You may set one up in your Adobe Credit Card Payment Settings. It is acceptable to set up more than one payment method, though all payment payments will be charged to your Adobe Credit Card account.

Your Adobe Credit Card must be charged or activated before you complete your purchase of either Adobe Stock Assets, or in order to complete your purchase, you will need to activate your Adobe Credit Card account by clicking on the Activate a User button on the Adobe Stock Marketplace page. You will be asked to either create a password to access your Adobe Credit Card account, or create a password reset code to allow you to view your Adobe Credit Card account. You can always contact support with any questions you may have. The Adobe Credit Card is charged on the first day of each month you activate your account. A new credit card issued only if the charge for any prior month is greater than the previous

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