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The first two episodes of the third season of the Showtime comedy “Homeland” aired on Sept. 13, and the second episode, which was set in the Cold War Cold War era, will debut on Showtime on Sept. 15 as a two-hour special that is sure to be a popular selection by viewers of all ages. (I’ve seen the first two episodes a few times and, having been a long time fan, have learned that “Homeland” is really more of a spy drama than a spy film-it’s about a covert CIA operation and its consequences for agents throughout history. We see agents trying to protect their jobs, but at what cost to themselves and their allies?) And yet, after watching the first two episodes I realized that I probably wouldn’t be watching it again, which is quite surprising. First of all, I was curious to see if “Homeland” would be able to match the explosive momentum of the first two installments, but it didn’t. As it turns out, it was much too slow, even as it progressed in the story (it was the third episode, for the record). But I was curious in particular about the first act, which features a lot of the same characters but gets away from them in most respects. And, after playing the first two hours, I have to say that I feel the same way for the rest of the episode.

The first two episodes in a series are, unfortunately, generally short. By the time a show goes on for six to seven episodes we think of it generally as having finished the last bit of action. And, of course, at certain points in the story something may happen or happen again. But so far in “Homeland” we’ve seen some things happen to the main characters that they’re not quite sure how the story will end, but if the show wants to make a successful transition from one episode to another, it needed to be prepared for how this story would flow.

When we last saw Carrie (Claire Danes), she was trying to do what she felt was right in an uncertain world in which she found herself. She was part of a CIA team trying to stop Muammar Qaddafi from overthrowing the Libyan dictator and in the process finding themselves in a very dangerous environment. What would happen to her after the mission was completed?

And, at the end of last episode, you found Qaddafi again under a lot of pressure to go to war with Israel because of the Iran nuclear deal. (

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