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We are happy to assist you with any technical issues you may have with our camera or digital imaging equipment.

Can I still get help with the installation and troubleshooting of my gear?

If you would like to get a head start on your digital imaging project with the helpful advice of a professional technician, we are happy to provide you with a professional installation and troubleshooting service.

I have a question about my gear or would like to submit a form. Can you check out what I have already submitted?

If you would like to submit a form, email, we can check it out.

Can I still email feedback?

You can always email us, but we will no longer be responding to feedback forms, including those that are in the wrong place or incomplete. They will be reviewed and we will see if the feedback is applicable to the issue at hand.

I have a support inquiry.

Once you submit a support inquiry the support process can take some time to process. However please wait as patience is of the utmost importance to us.

What is your return policy?

This camera is made to order, so it is your responsibility to receive your order and when ready to ship it back. We are shipping with FedEx and are not responsible for incorrect or delayed shipping once the camera has been shipped. If your package is delayed beyond four (4) weeks we reserve the right to replace it at our sole discretion, however due to the current nature of this product the value of the camera will depend on the situation. When your camera arrives we charge your credit card for the camera delivery and send your return shipment at no charge. If you have questions about your return or need to request a refund for any reason feel free to email us anytime.

What options is Polaroid offering to help you purchase new gear?

Polaroid is happy to assist you with any technical issues you may have with our digital imaging equipment.

BANGKOK- Two former Thai government officials who have been imprisoned on corruption charges have been granted freedom by a court in Bangkok.

The court had ordered the government ministers and the head of Thailand’s police force, Chaiwat Suanichul, to remain behind bars for six months.

Sukrit Pattanaporn and Kepatchi Ruchamakul were first arrested on July 7th on charges of graft and perjury.

It was later reported

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