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When I first read about an impending new edition called The Book of Mormon and its cover image of a bald eagle, and how the cover would be an adaptation of the Book of Mormon “by the hand of Joseph Smith,” my first thought was, “Wait, that is not where the eagle is supposed to rest?”

I did some Googling and discovered that there are, in fact, some eagle images in Mormon scripture. The Book of Mormon contains many illustrations by Native American tribes and images of the ancient “Bountiful Stake of Zion”, and in the Doctrine and Covenants, it includes a graphic of what appears to be a hawk in prayer with a dove, which is also the name for one of two large cities in the Book of Mormon.

The problem is in a recent LDS edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, when the text reads:

And while they had assembled themselves together, the Lord sent his son, who led the people, to deliver them out of the hands of the Amalekites: and the people, with their arms round about their bodies, and their heads upon their shoulders, did rejoice, and cried, with a loud voice. And he sent his angel to inform the people, who were scattered abroad, saying, Behold, I am coming unto you again; and ye shall be brought into your valleys, as ye were delivered from the hand of Amalek.

So what do these Eagle images actually tell us? That the Book of Mormon is not really the Book of Mormon. And the eagle images in the Doctrine and Covenants are not from the Book of Mormon.

But how to reconcile a church of Jesus Christ, who proclaims that God gave it to them, and the people who read it do not believe it is really the word of God?

It is easy to look at the Book of Mormon and see the Book of Mormon, and dismiss it as the works of a fraud, or a hoax. We see this in some apologetics, but is it fair to say that all books, including the New Testament, are not written by Christ?

Some argue that in the Bible, Jesus was not God, and

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