Does Flickr own your photos? – How To Earn Money On Youtube Video Ideas

The answer, it turns out, depends on a number of factors, including your account name, your IP address, other files or media you upload, the size of the images you chose to upload, the device you used to upload them and even your ISP.

For example, last Friday, the website began showing a warning to users that, unless they took some steps to protect their photos from being distributed to third-parties, the site would no longer be using its own service.

Some users of the site said they had emailed a request to Flickr to let them know the change was coming, while others simply deleted their Flickr account. But most said they had never even noticed.

This story originally appeared on Wired UK, and was reproduced without permission.

By Daniel L. Davis and Christopher Ruddy

Washington Post Staff Writers

Monday, July 1, 2005; Page C01

It’s the kind of scenario that would cause even the most astute analyst to give up on the idea of global warming as an enduring phenomenon, or even to think that all hope is lost in the fight against the planet’s biggest problem.

On Thursday, while discussing President Bush’s proposed budget – one that the administration calls “America’s strongest yet” – White House press secretary Ari Fleischer announced: “It is true that the Earth has warmed.”

“But there have been temperatures recorded in the past as well; and these records were not set in a vacuum,” Fleischer said, citing the study by Thomas E. Karl, of Columbia University and Lawrence Summers, of Harvard.

“We’ve always known that the Earth has warmed, but we didn’t know it was as much as temperatures over the last century,” Fleischer said.

The scientists’ study – which came out last week, and which the government, including the National Academy of Sciences, is now reviewing, and the public has a right to see – points to a warming trend that is consistent with other studies of historical records showing longer temperatures, bigger extremes, more precipitation and melting ice.

And while warming’s long-term impact, scientists say, is difficult to calculate, it has been apparent in our own day. During the 19th century, for instance, temperatures went up and down. This happened every century, and during that period, human activity, mainly burning coal and oil, increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to warming.

So if, like most people now do, Al Gore thought a

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