What app pays the most? – Pet Industry

1. Paypal:

Paypal is by far the most popular method for small amounts. For a relatively small donation, you can have the payment go directly into Paypal, bypassing the normal bank transfer. Paypal has many benefits, including fast processing times and an option to have the funds sent directly to Amazon. However, Paypal has a fee of $0.50/transaction.

2. Google Wallet:

Google Wallet is a digital wallet on the Google Play Store that users can load Google Wallet with. Users can then “pay” to all Amazon purchases using Google Wallet using the same process that you would set up with your bank.

3. US Funds:

The easiest way to pay for Amazon purchases is to load US Funds with your funds and place them on Amazon.

4. Local Cards (Paypal):

If you have a “local” card and are in a location that is not part of the US, you can load local funds (that are not in US funds) to your prepaid account and use it to pay for Amazon purchases with Amazon. The card will then be held for 3-5 business days, but if the payment is not sent within the 3-5 business days, the funds in use will expire. After the 3-5 business days the funds in use will revert back to USD and you are done using your card and will have to set it up again.

5. Paypal/Amazon Payments and Amazon Shopping Cart:

You can set up an account for Paypal and Amazon Payments with the same process as setting up your Paypal and Amazon accounts. The major difference being that you have to “make money” on each “buy” instead of paying a flat fee for each one.

Amazon makes a significant number of purchases by having people purchase items they have listed for purchase on Amazon in the “Checkout” section of the site when the order is “completed”. When the order is “completed” the cashier in front of the cash register will “charge” the customer’s cart to the card which the customer uses to purchase the item in Amazon. When the order is “completed” each item is then “charged” to the customer’s card or credit card. The “buyer” then fills out the order’s details on a web page. When the check clears, the item is bought for the amount listed on the order on Amazon.

This is how it works:

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