Can I be a dog walker without experience? – Fun Dog Business Ideas

Sure! Whether you’re looking for a dog walker or a service dog, I know what you’re looking for. We’d love to make your experience a success!

What if I didn’t like dogs?

Not to worry. Most of my dogs love people and are happy to play with people whether I am walking them, feeding them, bathing them, or making them a cup of hot cocoa. As long as you treat your dogs right I can guarantee they’ll still play with you no matter who they’re playing with.

Are my pets required to use the gym?

We believe pets must use the gym! Even when your dog isn’t going to the gym!

What type of dog walker do I need to hire to work with my dog/s?

I don’t have to tell you what type of dog walker you need to hire. The type of walker and the size of your dog’s yard are the three important factors in a successful dog walk! And you need one that won’t scare your dog away from the neighborhood!

Can I bring my children!

Absolutely! Children under seven will be allowed to use the gym, but the maximum age is one dog age plus. If you’re bringing your small kids, you may be asked to change them out, and bring a dog of your own who has been trained to take on two dogs at a time. You can bring one small dog up to two dogs.
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Can I bring a pet in while I work out?

Nope. This isn’t an excuse, it’s because the gym isn’t in a pet area so we can’t accommodate pets while working out!

How much does it cost to use the gym?

There is a fee that will be charged when you plan to use the gym, which includes your dog’s registration fee, a $200 deposit (if you bring a new dog), a $200 deposit (one-time only) on a $400 deposit (once you’ve paid the deposit) and a $400 deposit on a deposit that you’ve made in advance (you will have to pay these charges if you have no change of mind). It’s really easy to pay this fee in advance or you can pay it every time you come and pay the fee on each workout.

Is the gym dog proof?

Yes it is. If a service-connected dog is found walking up to the front desk, a staff member will

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