Should I leave the TV on for my dog? – Pet Sitting Business Cards Idea

Yes. In fact, the next best thing is to let the TV stay on the whole time. If you are unsure which way to go, consult a veterinarian.

Is there a safe way to handle a loose dog?

The first thing you do is protect your pet from a chokepoint when you handle a loose dog. This includes giving the dog water, being firm when pulling on the leash, keeping the dog’s nose clean, and never allowing your pet to drink more than 2 cups of water per hour. When the dog goes limp, put your hand either above or on your dog’s neck. When he tries to vomit, the muscles that push up on the dog’s throat and swallow will stop working and you could wind up having to pull his legs open and use an oxygen tank. If you decide to have CPR done on your dog, please check with your local emergency room first to see what is considered necessary.

If your dog is small, you might consider using a large crate or a small harness.

What happens if a dog bites me?

We all don’t like to fight or hurt animals. If a dog has bitten you, keep doing what you can to protect yourself. Get yourself to a veterinarian as soon as possible as needed. Tell them that your dog was in the room where the incident occurred. Be sure to bring your dog’s collar and tags with you for a complete record.

Can I keep my home pet that just left?

You have the right to keep any animal, or any animal’s property, that you no longer wish to keep. However, you also must return your pet to that same home and notify the owner of the animal. If the person fails to make arrangements for you to return your pet, you will lose the right to keep that animal. Remember, if you need to take your pet to the veterinarian, you are responsible to keep the animal out of the premises the day of the visit.

If you do not make arrangements for your pet’s return the day of the visit, you do not have the right to keep the animal. You may be in violation of your lease on the property. Also, you may be prosecuted.

Please see the links above for tips on moving your animal from one location to another.

I found a missing pet. Can I keep them?

If you find or believe that you have a missing animal and you need a copy of the police report or a release, visit the

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