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You first have to be able to sell all your property by the time you are 40. It is also possible to rent out certain properties, but you will get less money per month than if you lived at home. As mentioned earlier, renting is not guaranteed to be financially profitable, so a better option for you would be to own.

You will want to start somewhere modest, with only a few possessions. Renting a small flat for 2-3 hours per week will be more beneficial than buying a bigger house.

How does one get started as a rental agent?

The short answer is “no way”. It is not a short process, at least not one that will be quick.

The long answer takes you through a multitude of areas including:

Finding properties to rent

Choosing the best property to rent

Buying and renting a property

Buying a property

What is a property?

When people talk about a property, they are mostly referring to houses. A house is basically a room with at least 2 bathrooms and a loft. In addition, it should have a garden, a deck or a swimming pool. It can also be used as a family home, if you take the time to arrange some family-related activities.

It does not necessarily have to house many people, the more the better.

Why not rent?

If you like living with your friends and family who live in one of your flats, and rent out your rooms, then go on ahead. You will get a lot more money per month than buying a property for the same amount of money. Renting has to do with price, not about the quality of the house.

This is the reason why property is so highly valued. There are plenty of people who don’t think they could rent a house, and they may not be right, but if you do take the time to decide, it will certainly pay off.

What is renting?

If you have no idea what a home is and how it works, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that can help you. You can also read a book if you want to get really specific.

The key to renting a property is to find a “totem”. A home that has been built in the past, but no longer needs to be used. Usually, they are vacant places that have just been vacated and sold.

Usually, houses are either for sale or

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