How much is a zoo Licence? – How To Open A Pet Supply Store

Zoos are owned and maintained by councils and the local authority, usually with the support of the public, for the benefit of the animals they hold.

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There are a few different types of licences that may be required.

The type of licence will depend on what type of animals are in the zoo (in this example, gorillas are an exception). However, all zoos will have a licence covering the type of animal they hold (and all other animals they import and/or keep).

Zoos must provide documentation to confirm the licence is valid, eg how much the licence costs (£50). However, many zoos now issue a general licence (which is not recognised by the GMC or the Animal & Plant Health Agency).

It has been reported that many zoos, such as The Zoo London, offer a single general licence which is valid for up to 3 years, ie as long as they are open for at least 10 months a year. You could pay for a licence with 3 years, ie £150, or you can take this up if your zoo is closed for more than 5 months.

What about a zoo with a big population of animals? A licence for a big zoo with a big population can cost even more – it may cost as little as £200 to purchase a licence which covers only one zoo.

Most big zoos require a zoo licence which covers the different types of animals, including baby animals (and other wild babies of that species); captive animals (such as elephants); non-wild animals including: primates; civets, parrots, eagles, snakes, foxes and cats; insects, spiders, spiders’ webs, ants, bees, wasps, spiders’ egg sacs, water flies, ticks and fleas

What if a zoo has a big animal problem?

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