Do you need a license to wash dogs? – Pet Friendly Cafes Near Me

No. Dogs are kept in the same way animals are kept in a home.

Do I need an authorization number?

No. This does not need to be given to you in order to use a washing machine but you will need to provide your owner’s identification to the washing machine operator with the number on the tag on the machine. If you have a pet as a tenant or leaseholder you will need to bring copies of your landlord’s inspection report to the washing machine operator.

Do I need to pay for the washing machines?

We do offer a $1 fee for each washing machine we supply and it is $10.00 per person for a whole washing machine or less.

Will the machines be able to wash my dog?

Yes, dogs of all sizes, breeds, and sizes that require a higher level of water pressure will be able to wash in these machines.

Do you have an emergency contact?

Our emergency contact is at (811) 966-2868 as soon as available.

I need to wash more than one dog in a day. Can I use each dog in its own washing machine?

Yes, we do offer this service. Please contact us at 811-966-2868 to sign up.

Will my dog keep in good health?

Yes, dogs that wash with our machines are given the proper amount of water to rinse with to ensure they are clean. In the event a dog needs assistance, we offer assistance to your pet with a dry wash by pet owner for $5 per pet at any one of our retail outlets.

How do I use our machines?

How much water do I use?

We offer you to mix 1 pound of water and 5 gallons of laundry detergent. That equates to about 7.5 gallons. Use this number to mix the water (3 gallons of detergent mixed with one quart of water) in the machine or use the calculator below to determine the amount that your dog will need to wash in one day. (Use the appropriate amount if you are washing 1-4 dogs, 5-7 dogs, or 8-10 dogs depending on whether you have more than one dog.)

I can’t put the entire cup in the machine, what should I do?

Try to put the entire cup into the machine, it is a safer (and less messy) option. If you are using the formula below you can

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