Do pet shops make money? – Pet Sitter Company Name Ideas

They can. Their sales tax is set so they’re allowed to take all of the money they make and give it to the municipality. That means if you’re getting a new car, you’ll pay one to the city, and so will your pet shop,” says Hoch.

If you have a car worth $50,000 or more, you likely pay the municipal tax to the city. “This is a very unique situation where the city can tax something that it considers a gift, like a new car for $50,000, so why shouldn’t they pay for all of the other services they need to carry that?” says Hoch.

According to Hoch, about 25 to 30 stores make money from car tax, and the rest are a cash-flow loss because they’re not getting anything in the end: “They just give it back out to the city.”

Many city councils see the parking lot tax as just a way to subsidize city services without having to increase taxes, Hoch says. Most councils are also in favor of eliminating the business tax, since they know cars will be out selling in the first place.

But city councils also fear the effect their policies would have on business and residents.

“The idea that somehow if you are going to charge a business or somebody an extra business tax then they’ll be going out of business or they’ll go out of business to avoid it — they don’t understand,” says Hoch. “When they put the tax on the car, they’re just going to go out of business.”

If the government increases the tax on cars, Hoch says, then the owners of the businesses are going to find cheaper ways to build. “And what you also’re probably going to end up with is people taking their products outside the city, where they could potentially get caught up in the city bylaws,” says Hoch.

“It’s going to drive out of business a lot more,” states Hoch. “And even if it doesn’t happen to everybody, people will get out of business.”

And if the city gets more taxing power, Hoch worries it could create an incentive to give cars away to those who give money to them. “If one of the things you’re taxing is cars, then the other two things you’re taxing the same, you’re probably going to do a lot more giving to other people, not fewer, and that would be a very bad thing.”

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