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There is no evidence that dogs are as adept at catching fish as cats, cats eat both canned and fresh tuna and other kinds of seafood. The evidence of cats being quicker is in the study of how cats caught their fish. Cats were more successful than dogs catching canned tuna. In one study, cats with strong jaws, such as the Siberian Husky or Siberian Chow, were able to catch a portion of tuna (12%) over and over again in 2.5 hours without losing a single fish over the course of the study. This is remarkable and similar to how a cat in an aquarium can catch over 100% of its own food as often as it wants. Cats are not limited to one of two foods; they learn to eat foods at different rates. They are very intelligent and can learn to figure out what food is needed most. They are very, very smart and can understand the differences in taste and texture. They like to get different textures in their foods and like to taste different things. This is why they eat different kinds of meals to provide different textures. Their natural tendency is to prefer foods with little or no fat and little or no salt. This is why you will see cats eating high salt dog food. They are not smart enough to understand how much fat to eat at any given time.

One study showed that cats are able to catch several kinds of fish in 2 hours (20-30%), but were unable to catch tuna or sardines. In another study, cats were able to catch tuna, but not the white salmon and had no luck catching the rainbow trout in 2.5 hours or the mackerel in two. In this study, the cat owners and the owners of the cats both reported that their cats had no success. However, cats with strong jaws and high-energy dogs were able to catch over 40% of their fish in both studies. All cats have the perfect balance of body mass, digestive enzymes and enzyme production. Catfish are much harder to catch and require a more thorough process to develop the proper enzymes. If you are wondering how to catch fish, read that article. That is why catfish can be so dangerous. As usual, it is best to avoid fish with lots of fat, salt and minerals in them and do not feed fish too much or at all.

How long do cats live?

The following is a brief article on how cats live and the life expectancy of a cat, based on two studies.

Longevity of Cats


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