Is a life coach worth the money? – Life Coaching Challenges

What does it mean to be a ‘real coach?’ The answers to these questions will reveal the true value of coaching.

How to decide which coach to hire

“Do I want to hire a coach who has a different philosophy, or is my philosophy the one that will make a difference for my employees?,” a customer says to a financial services executive.

“Do I want to make a difference by hiring someone whose philosophy isn’t different, or am I doing it wrong?,” an internal auditor asks a lawyer.

The point?

It depends what you need and how deeply you value the value of each of those things. Are all of the qualities necessary? Are they beneficial to the customer? Or does each one require specialized coaching?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing too deeply on specific traits. There are simply too many of these traits – and that’s why we’re all different.

Coaching Model: Built To Soar
In the end, it boils down to who you are as a person.

When we hire a person to be your life coach, what is important is not just what type of person they are, but who they are as a person. They have to show respect for themselves as a person. As such, they must learn to work collaboratively and respectfully. They have to learn how to show the customer how to live better and happier, not just how to “do what needs to be done.” They have to learn how to put people’s health and happiness first. They have to be able to do everything you could want or need.

Ultimately, the difference between a coach and a therapist are the difference between a real life coach and a professional persona. The former is often about the past, where we are not living how we want to live. The latter is about the future, where we live what we want to live.

We are trying to be the people we want to be in the real world. That’s where we are going to have the greatest impact on people. A real coach doesn’t care how people feel anymore. It just wants to make them happier, better, and more fulfilled in life.

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