Can you make money life coaching?

No one makes money coaching. But the people who do go through this, you can make a substantial amount of money. The trick is that you can only earn money coaching if you know and understand the rules, requirements and parameters that people must have to get the job offered from your company, and how to successfully perform. I’d consider the average cost of an elite coach for one year for a company of 500 employees to be $200,000. Now keep in mind that a person hired to train another person to become an elite coach would earn the same amount as a first year student at a community college. So the more you know about how elite coaching is done, the more you can earn.

Does any training, coaching or training related services have a guarantee? How would these services be guaranteed?

I currently have a list of coaching companies in which I make money, whether they are accredited or not. For the people who are training on their own to be an elite coach, they can expect to make the same amount of money as students at community college, even with the same job. It’s one of the only avenues they have available to them that will keep them afloat.

How many coaching companies exists?

There are four or five companies listed which are reputable, but I’m afraid there are probably a number of similar companies. Each coach will be responsible for at least a portion of their own income.

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Do you offer coaching services for companies that already have good salespeople and managers? Is the process different when you become an elite coach, or a training company?

At the first, intermediate, and high levels, you do not necessarily have an expert or coach that can provide the same level of quality and service offered by a top-ranking company like Nike. That’s because the vast majority of these coaches are hired by one of the companies and not at the same time. This requires an expert to be hired for every step of the hiring process, otherwise you’ll never get the same level of quality from your coach. I am not familiar with the various levels of coaching that are currently available, but I do have a list of some very prestigious trainers that I have trained over the years, including John Carlos, Michael Johnson, Jim Furyk, Bruce Lee, and many more. As long as you show you have the technical ability for these coaching endeavors or have the right experience, most will be willing to hire you to coach.

How have you successfully marketed yourself to companies and made